Spot Rust   



1969 Boss 302 Mustang




Typical problem areas on 1st-generation Mustangs, and indeed
on many old cars, are the lower door and fender corners. Water
tends to collect in these areas and eventually causes the
panel to rust through. This type of "spot rust" is an easy fix.
The old metal must be cut out and a new patch panel welded in
its place. Any correct gauge sheet metal will work in areas such
as these. Mild contours to the patch panel can be made by hand,
if necessary. Once the new metal is welded in place, the weld
should be ground back to "nearly" flush and then minor filler
work will make the repair invisible.

A stud welder is also a very handy item to have if a dent is
inaccessible from the back of the panel but needs to be pulled out.
In years gone by it was common practice to drill a hole in a
dented panel and use a screw-head dent puller to remove the dent.
This is a big NO-NO!! Drilling holes in your car to remove dents
is certainly not a very good compromise. A decent stud welder can
be had for around $150 and includes a special puller for the studs.

Another good item to have in the garage is a Dremel tool. Amongst
other things, the small grinding stone attachments are perfect for
doing weld cleanup work in hard to reach areas and in places where
a lot of detail is necessary before the application of any plastic fillers.

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