Rolled Fenders   



This Boss needed the left-side fender replaced
due to significant rust. We can't go down to
the local Ford dealer and get one these days,
so the best we can do is find a good standard
Mustang fender and duplicate the rolled lip.




These images demonstrate that almost anyone can
roll the fenderlip and duplicate a Boss 302 Mustang
fender. All you need are the right tools and a little bit
of patience. It's also a really, really big help if you
have some pictures or a real Boss fender that you
can use as a guide. A hard-plastic (not rubber)
hammer is essential as it will allow you to "fold"
the lip of the fender without denting and damaging it.

The standard 1969/70 Mustang fender has more than
enough metal "lip" to work with to duplicate the roll.
You'll start out by grinding a good portion of that
material off. One additional note is that it's very
important to take measurements to know where to
start and stop the rolled portion of the fender. Again,
good pictures or an actual Boss fender are very
important to have as a guide. Use the pics above!

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